TefillahTrainer 2.1

TEFILLAH TRAINER is a revolutionary new tool to learn Hebrew prayer
2.1.48 (See all)
Kinnor Software

TefillahTrainer software offers full control of voice, pitch, speed and several Ashkenazi and Sephardi pronunciations to fill the student's requirements and practices of their synagogue. Students can switch between chanting and speaking the prayers. A soft instrumental accompaniment can be switched on or off to aid in learning melodies.

Students can learn by following the Hebrew words (with phrase-by-phrase literal English translation) or can follow the sheet music of the prayer with transliteration. In most cases, both can be printed by the student. (Some new works under current copyright may not offer printing of sheet music.) Enlarged Sh’va-nach and Qamatz-katon help students' pronunciation.

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